Succesful horses


(born 2008) by Chacco Blue-Plural

Own breed.

In 2012 we sold this mare at the autumn auction in Verden. Under Markus Beerbaum  she was placed successfully in 2015 in show jumping competitions in advanced classes. Recently she won the in the Big Tour (Int. world ranking competition with one jump off (1.55 m)) in Redefin.


(born 2006) by Calido - Graf Top - Gamblers Cup xx

Own breed. This stallion was approved in Belgium in 2009 and is now successful under Abdelkader Benharrats in the difficult class


(born 2008) by Cassini II - Giorgio

Own breed.

Named as Casper we sold this approved stallion at the stallion market 2010 in Verden. Meanwhile he is successful afloat in the Youngster Tour.